Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm positively fired.

Yesterday I was interviewed on the radio regarding my demise as an advertising executive person (got laid off last Friday). I never really thought it would happen....but it did. So, instead of wallowing in self pity, I decided to do something I very rarely engage in---positive thinking.

Yes, it's not pretty getting laid off as more and more people are finding out today. On top of the rejection one feels, regardless of the circumstances, when you're sober, you have to worry about falling back into a self deprecation trap. I saw it this past weekend, noticed myself staring into space and looking to retreat on the couch in sheer panic.

Regardless of the fact that I am worried about the job market, finances, leaving a place I called home for years, there is opportunity in this process.

For the first time in years, I have had five days with little thoughts of work (where I had previously been consumed by every detail). I've done the radio, climbed rocks, taken my dog on a hike and given myself a reprieve from the hard work I've done for many many years. I've gotten on my bike and felt the wind.

Below, I've listed as many positives things about losing your job that I've experienced, conjured up in my head for fear of losing it and just thought of over the last days of analyzing everything:

  • This a good time for re-invention (I mean, the job you had may not be the one you do again) both personally and professionally
  • Don't dwell. After trying to figure out what happened, I finally realized that I would never be able to find answers to unanswerable questions.
  • Take care of yourself. I found the first three days was easy to stop all things that were good for me, including taking a shower. Not such a good thing for anyone else in your life or yourself. This is the time to be good to yourself as there are things that are beyond our control.
  • Contact EVERYONE you know. This is a good time for networking.
  • Develop short term and long term goals. Even in a time of uncertainty, writing out goals will help. I currently have about four pages written.
  • Re-evaluate what you need to live. Does having wifi connected to an iphone matter? Where are the savings in your life?
  • Whatever you do, don't stop. Every morning I get up at the same time I did when I was commuting into the city and I just do anything to keep a routine.
  • And think about the bigger picture. At some point, we will work again.
I will be posting the link to the interview from yesterday...and if anyone has any good advertising jobs, please let me know (See? I'm using all my resources!)

Radio Interview


legally_barb said...

Thank you so much for your post - I got laid off on Monday from a job that I've been at for nearly four years now and I did not even see it coming! And it's in an area of law that I will not be able to find another comparable position at least at this time, in this market, so I am faced with all kinds of similar feelings, fears, etc. I'll be taking your suggestions to heart!

Joe said...

Sorry to hear about your layoff, but you've got a great attitude, talent and good ideas. Best wishes as you make the transition to something better.

Muldoon Studios said...

Hello there. I really feel for you. I do. I was discharged from the Marine Corps in 2007 due to a positive drug analysis. I made a huge mistake with that career. I was the type of Marine that wanted to stay in for 20 years until I retired. I guess God has other plans for me.
It is really nice to have stumbled upon your blog. I am not new to AA but I am new to recovery. And I have really been reaching out to everyone. I hope that your day is a great one! Take care and if you have time check out my newly formed/forming blog

CarolynT said...

Me..too. Laid off. I heard you on the radio - thanks for sharing your story and for these valuable tips. Let's hope for better days for PoJo bloggers who are laid off!

Brandon L said...

Keep on keepin on sister!! Your blog is a wonderful insight into the real feelings of someone in revovery dealing with life. I'm 4 years and alomst 3 months into my recovery and I love reading your blog. When we clear out the old we make way for the new.

Ms. V. said...

Me too!

How is it in sobriety that I am losing everything, but going to bed richer every night?



You will survive!