Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Buzzword: Focus

I thought when I became sober over three years ago that I was a focused woman. I focused so hard on getting sober. I focused on my recovery. And somehow, with all my focusing, I lost sight of all the other aspects of my life.

Now my new mantra is focusing on the moment. When I am at the corporate job, I focus on work. When I am ripping up carpet at home, I am focused on home improvement. It becomes a matter of staying in the moment and realizing what's important and necessary to each aspect of life.

So, instead of driving while thinking of all the things that are going wrong in the world, my bills, my love life, the fact that the floors are STILL not done in my house, my childhood, my future and what I may have for lunch ALL before I turn out of the driveway, I have decided to focus simply on the road ahead.

It makes life a bit simpler.

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