Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Creative Recovery

This is a program I wrote for using art and recovery, click on the link and save to your favorites, it's going to be a whole new site soon.

The site is about to undergo a massive change and I'm adding a lot more content and updating things like addresses, e-mail, message boards, etc..

Coming in August.

Oh, and I'm finally writing THAT book, the one about being sober.

Coming in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sobriety Girl, sober is sooooo good. I can't believe how wonderful it is. I'm so clear headed and loving. Wow. It was a long old haul for me too. I'm writing my story about it, which is more to do with illness and emotional spiritual maladies rather than being drunk all the time (which did manage to numb everything). Anyway, I woke up to it all in Holland in 1999.
Mucho love and respect,