Monday, November 26, 2007

A sigh of relief.....

I have to say, I am thankful that Thanksgiving is over. Made it through unscathed, once again....Hope everyone had a good one.

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ann said...

This is my first non-Chardonnay fueled Thanksgiving in almost 15 years. What was gained.....
- more clarity and presence than ever
- came prepared with non-alcoholic drinks thanks to Sobriety Girl
- meditated before we went to my sister's for dinner (nature's Xanax)
- interacted with the kids and played Apples to Apples
- DROVE HOME (huge one)
- no slurring at home with husband and kids
- no hangover
- no remorse
- no bloat other than my new found love of desserts
- woke up at reasonable hour next day refreshed
- didn't just "get through it" like I had at a party a few weeks ago

- hoping the same for those that struggle in their lives in anyway with anything.....