Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I think every year when the holidays end, I breathe a large exasperated sigh of relief. Don't get me wrong, I was off for almost two weeks. I cooked, I cleaned, I wrapped gifts with as much zeal as one could muster when the holidays remind them of days gone by. I watched all the TV I need for the year and tried to remind myself that 2008 was quickly approaching.

I even went to the Emergency room for a busted ankle and rode the halls up and down in a wheelchair, letting everyone know that this was an accident not caused by alcohol (the looks I got were indeed strange). This lay up is the reason I was so remiss about posting.

And I was able to meet the great folks at 97.7 (thanks guys) and run them ragged with my chatter at 715am. I had a great time speaking before New Years and the interview is actually at if you'd like to hear what was discussed.

So, as always at the beginning of the year, I set my goals for the next twelve months. This started when I decided that I had a better shot at attaining goals that I set than sticking to any resolution I may have made. This year, I have set my goals for sobriety, my health and well being and where I think I should be emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Each time I set a goal I write two actionable statements below the goal. For instance, my first goal is to be sober in 2008 (a fulfilled goal for the last six years). Two actions that will help me achieve this were: 1. Maintain blog and write book 2. Remind yourself everyday that you deserve to be sober.

I will post an article I wrote years ago on goal setting in early sobriety this evening when I am home. I have finally transferred all of my writings from an old Dell to a new Mac.

Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you for being here in 2008.



bbeard said...

Sobriety is the greatest gift I have ever been given. My sponsor would kick my ass, though, if I ever wrote an actionable list that did not include meetings and service work.
But then again, he's an animal trainer. Happy new year and good luck with your goals.

ann said...

FINALLY!!! I have been trying to comment for weeks and I've been having a nightmare of a time signing on. I've been blah blahing here in this comment space and losing it so, I'm going to try and submit this now.....hopefully I'll be back.

ann said...

Success!! First of all, Happiest of New Year's to you Kim and I can't wait to check out your radio interview! My first sober holiday season in years was very....real. Some hard times, but the lack of hangovers made it all worth it. Instead of nursing a hangover on New Year's Day, I went to a meditation at my yoga school. The times they are a changing indeed. Kim, thanks again for your blog, I kept checking in and it helped.

Happy New Year,


Veronika said...

Great chat! I'm looking forward to your previous article on goal setting. I need help making baby steps.
Happy YOU Year!

Anonymous said...

I just found this website and am so excited. I have been struggling with alcoholism for four years. The longest time that I haven't had a drink was a three week stint in November. I am looking for the article that you mentioned you would be putting up regarding setting goals. I'm not computer savvy so please help.