Tuesday, April 08, 2008


The long awaited spring is starting to finally arrive in the Hudson Valley. I commute home on the train along the Hudson river and am happy to see it's no longer dark when we pull into the station. Spring fever is running rampant. The cows on my farm are crazy, the dog, virtually everyone I know.....all the pent up energy from a very long winter in the NorthEast.
This weekend, I felt a sense of massive relief. The months of being introspective and cold are making room for the experience of warmth and free spirited-ness.
And with that, in my own recovery, I have to remind myself that being a free spirit can happen without the lures of being intoxicated (from alcohol at least).
This year, I think the intoxication of the flowers starting to bloom, the wind being warm and the joys of throwing tattered Uggs in the closet are enough.
It's a lucky time in life. I don't think I have ever remembered being this impressed with the renewal that comes with Spring. I used to dread this time as it began the season of being more social....more opportunities to feel sorry for myself that drinking was no longer an option.
Today, I'm happy that when I leave work, I can watch the sunset along one of the coolest rivers around....and still have a few precious minutes of daylight to see spring happening in all its simple glory.

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ann said...

That was beautiful! You sound happy. I've been doing some thinking about the impending warmth and social season. My first sober one in 15 years.....So far baby bunnies born in my garden are a thrill and quite honestly.....flip flops. I wore them yesterday for the first time this year. (I laughed about the Uggs, pushed mine to the back of the closet yesterday) I felt sexy in them.....didn't need a Cosmopolitan in hand to feel sexy, and that felt good.....of course no hangover each morning is brilliant! Here's to a no hangover day!