Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Throughout life, I find that the most adverse situations sparks the most intense creativity. I don't mean that when something is upsetting, wielding a paintbrush and canvas will solve the issue at hand. Nor do I find that creativity has to be purely artistic in nature during tumultuous periods.

It's as if, when facing emotional distress, one can take that overwhelming feeling and begin to look at it from another perspective. For example, one time I was unable to be persent in certain relationships in my life for one reason or another. I was heartbroken, hurt and devastated by the notion that I was absent and unable to watch the relationship grow. I decided that I would create a journal and write an entry every single day until I was able to repair the relationship. Nothing emotionally earth shattering, just simple thoughts so that they knew I was thinking and caring every day. And while the relationship repaired itself, I've kept the journal for a day long in the future should the questions ever arise of that very sad time.

There are times when I feel so much sorrow and pain that picking up a paintbrush or actually acknowledging those feelings is the last thing I want to do. It's so easy to remain ambivalent about it and let negativity bottle up inside. I have to fight myself kicking and screaming to actually deal with the issues at hand. When I feel my worst, I drag out something that will let me release a bit of emotional pressure; A pencil, pen or even a crossword that will engage a different thought process.

It helps. It lightens the load for a brief moment. And at times, it lends itself to some seriously amazing self realization.


Yngwie said...

Whenever I feel especially nervous, worried, or whatever about something in my life that brings about "adversity", I always pray on it. Asking God to instill his will and remove my own.

But all else fails, I pick up my guitar and jam out to some classic tunes I love thinking about the problem, and my creativity soars.

Alexander said...

Know EXACTLY what you mean!

I wrote recently about Delayed Gratification.

Hope you like!