Monday, December 22, 2008

Checklist for Early Sobriety

Ok, you've made the decision to get sober. Beside the obvious of not drinking, there are many things to think about to help in early recovery.

Below, I've listed a checklist that may help with some ideas. Feel free to add any additional items.
  • Find a recovery program to help in the earliest days. Whatever program you follow, just allowing yourself to learn about being sober and surrounding yourself with sober people can be a big help.
  • Create a resource list. Write out a list of people who you can call when you need someone to talk to, support or just a diversion from your old ways.
  • Look for a good therapist or counselor if you feel it will help.
  • Browse the bookstore and stock up on some good sober books for inspiration.
  • Do an emotional inventory and record how you are feeling each day.
  • Find a new hobby, activity or anything that will keep you out of the bar scene, you'll be amazed at how many things there are to do besides sit at a bar!
  • Find another person in recovery and buddy up with them for support.
  • Journal, journal, journal. I cannot stress how much this helps in early sobriety. I used to write fifteen pages a day, just pouring things out. Grab a paintbrush and be creative. Painting out your emotions is refreshing.
  • Forgive yourself for the past. It's gone, over and you can only move forward at this point.
  • Find some IM buddies from a sober site or group and utilize them as resources
  • Write down all the things you can do now that you are sober. Pick one each week and do it. Eat well, exercise and watch your sugar during the earliest part of sobriety.
  • Finally, be gentle on yourself. It's a long process, one that is constantly evolving and changing. It's worth it.


shinyruby2 said...

thanks for this list : )
I had to laugh though, at the 'watch the sugar' - I've been LIVING on sugar haha! But it's settling down, phew.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your tips. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for keeping it up. I have just recently quit after many tries and am on my 11th day. thanks again!

Mias said...

Hi - it is refreshing to read your blog! Congratulations! I am 19 years now and knows that the first day is the most important, where the change starts. Just one point, it is easy to say forget the past but will the past forget you? I have found that I had to face the past and then had to make peace with it. Steps 4,5,6 & 7 of AA really worked miracles for me when I did it as close to 100% as I could. I agree that when one looks at the past one has one's back to the future but, CLOSE the door on the past by facing it. I say this in love and fellowship as I have seen so many slips and tragedies where the ghosts of the past were not laid to rest. Perhaps you meant the sentence different and I just understand it wrong...
Mias (

Witching Hour said...

Great tips -- all true and to the point. I have one too:

treat yourself - mine is chocolate!