Sunday, June 07, 2009


One of the greatest accomplishments in life, in my opinion anyway, is self-awareness. I've blogged about this before in a completely different learning stage of self-awareness. The whole process of recognizing self-awareness is truly awe inspiring. It's when truly find this awareness that we are able to recognize what other people need, therefore creating really healthy and evolutionary relationships. It's been a very profound experience, humbling really, to realize that in self-awareness there is humility and an element of selflessness.

Imagine that.

In the days were I found emotional maturity REALLY challenging, my self-awareness levels were meek at best. I had little ability to see what anyone else was feeling or thinking simply because I was so caught up in protecting myself. It had to be about me or my blinders quickly went up. Yet, I didn't know myself at all. I was just too scared to take a real look at myself and how I actually related to and communicated with anyone else. Instead, every single element in my life went through egotistical and oblivion filters. And what came through the other side was indifference and inconsideration of anyone else.

It's really amazing how much you learn when you open yourself up to it. I find the more I take self-awareness as a priority in my life, the happier I become. The way I am able to deal with others because of this self-awareness, learning what people need and want in life, also allows for greater happiness and fulfillment.

Again, imagine that.


West Texas Insomniac said...

I thought you might enjoy this. Hope you're having a beautiful day. tb

Syd said...

Awareness is the first step for me to get better. Then comes acceptance and then action. Glad that I found your blog.

Derek said...

I have been reading this blog practically all day, embarassing as that is.As for self awareness, once one is self-aware one can never go back.Personally, I have found it a very hard road to go down but I see little rewards all the time. I feel it is one of the most important parts of my sobriety. Very interesting site and I will also check the other sites as well. Thanks.

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