Tuesday, April 19, 2005

You Get Exactly What You Settle For.

Life lives up to your expectations. No more, but often less.

If you expect -- and settle for -- nothing less than a fabulous life that fulfills all your dreams, that's what you'll find a way to have.

But if you ever settle for anything less -- and why you settle doesn't matter -- less is all you get. If your life is unfulfilling and unhappy, or even if it's just okay, or not quite "there", it's only because you allow it to be that way.

It's such a simple concept -- never settle for less than you really want. But you were taught that "you can't have everything you want." "Sometimes you just have to settle for second place." Or
worse: "You don't deserve it."

Well, guess what -- you do deserve it! but you can only claim it when you refuse to settle for anything else.

What have you settled for that is less than you truly desire? And how does that feel? Can you live with that? Do you WANT to live with that? Have you ever refused to settle for less and received EXACTLY what you did want?

You can have that every time, simply by refusing to settle for anything less.

--Excerpted from
Lee Watters
Life Mentor and Author, "3 Days To A Life That Works: How To Reset Your Defaults For Happiness And Success"


Jane said...

hi, i recently started a blog of my own struggles to get clean and sober and was delighted to stumble across your. do you know of any other good blogs by young women in recovery?

Jane said...

hey,where did my comment go?

Jane said...

oops, there it is! ok sorry, now i'm just being silly :)