Sunday, April 24, 2005


How much easier would life be if we could close one door and open another? If there were magic keys that could lock up the past or ones to open the future. Ha, life is never that simple.

For the first time in my life, I am suddenly beginning to feel a sense of closure. It started with an e-mail and eventually transpired into a life event that made closing the door a bit easier. It was a validation from my past. I was acknowledged. I had been loved. And that's all I needed to hear. And now, I stand in front of my past with its heavy door inching towards total closure.

Today, I feel at peace with decisions I have made, mistakes and imperfections that I have learned to live with. I know my limitations, but I also realize the capacity I have to begin again.

So, I have decided to open another door that's been closed for the last three years. Though I had been knocking and knocking with no avail. Things are changing.
I know the reasons why I am here. I know the reasons that I have for trying love once again. I deserve it. Love lives within my heart. And I now have the keys in my hand. And a lifetime of love ahead.


Grace said...

Hey, you've got another blog and thanks for linking me! Do you keep both going? Am not sure which to link to!
The closure you speak of sounds like its been a long time coming, the changes sound exciting!

pearlgirl said...

really beautiful..timing. Acceptance..and grace..