Monday, May 09, 2005


There are times in my life when I feel such anger that it comes up through my body and sits, ready to be fired out of my mouth. It causes me such distress that I sometimes shutter.

And I feel alone.

And I feel taken advantage of.

And hurt.

And pissed off.

And it is a complete feeling of awareness that something needs to change. Do I change my life completely? What do I need to change to make myself less angry and resentful? What EXACTLY is making me feel these emotions? And how do I continue to be positively constructive when I feel beat down by negativity?

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doughgirl said...

This one hit home as to where I was on Friday. I get so angry sometimes and tearing someones head off would really make me feel better..or would it. So I take a breath, count to 10 and say what I feel instead of screaming it. It doesnt help at the moment, but when I hit the bed at night, I feel much better knowing that I do not have to make another ammends to anyone :)