Tuesday, May 31, 2005


A friend of mine has a great website on boundaries that I revisit often in life. Setting boundaries simply allows a person to let go of what they cannot control and become more aware of what is within us, both good and bad.

After three years of being public with my recovery on-line and in the world (see Glamour, December 2004), it still surprises me that when I visit the statistics on my website and blogs, I realize there are certain people who visit everyday (especially the AOL ones that are visiting several times a day). Every week, there are more and more people who look on my sites for information. And sometimes, it's scary. It makes me rethink my position on being so public with my recovery. And then, I reread my own personal goals and boundaries that I have set for myself and I know that I speak from my heart. And sharing and writing is something that is very honest to me. We can only do what we know and hope that we learn more everyday in life. And we learn from other people. We learn from mistakes. We learn from crossing boundaries and creating them. We learn from being the person we were meant to be and knowing that this may not sit well with everyone, there are so many people who benefit from sharing in life.

And with that, we are able to let go of fear and keep writing and writing and writing.


JJ said...

Wow...you blogged! Hope all is well my friend.
Peace - JJ

sobriety girl said...

Hey! Good to see you too!

Amy said...

Your blog is beautiful. I'm in the early stages of recovery and reading this made me feel not so alone.

Thank You!

Grace said...

Been off the blogging for a bit but so glad to come back to find this link. Personal boundaries are a big issue with me just now and I look forward to learning something!

recoveryroad said...

Oh, I shouldn't worry too much about blogging your recovery. It worried me for, oooh lemme see, about 30 seconds. And then I realsied that I wasn't quite as important as I thought I was.

Besides, when I was drinking, I never worried too much who saw or heard me drunk.

particle said...

I certailnly symapthize with the sense of awe of the power of the web to share your message. I was looking through my stats the other day and saw that someone was searching google with my name and the in url command. I thought the gig is up! THen I saw eight direct searches on my name? At first I freaked....anonymity lost! Then I let go and rolled with it. This was eventually going to happen and c'est la vie. I don't really care about anonymity as much as I once did. If I help one person through the blog it is all worthwhile.