Thursday, August 11, 2005

To My Old Friend.

With your grandeur, you see me

Flaxen hair flowing in the wind
Glaring eyes fixated on the world
Once nimble body riddled with the weight of the world

With your tenacity, you challenge me

Biting daggers that sink into supple skin
Flailing thoughts that overshadow reason
Once brilliant mind erroneously rotted

With your boisterous voice, you call me

Shrill notes that burn off the tongue
Gauging words that pierce the unconscious
Once copious soliloquies lay unspoken

With your unyielding stride, you chase me

Oppressive feet that command attention
Twisting steps that wring my very core
Once light as a breeze now still

With your impetuous soul, you leave me

Billowed body sailing through the trees
Floating, floating, floating
Omnipotence traversing above me

With my renewed strength, you left me

Journeying into the unknown
Leaving the shell behind
To repose my own natural instincts

Watching you become smaller
Watching you become less present

I wave goodbye, my friend
I wave goodbye, myself


johno said...

powerful blog, i read some of you recent old posts... you make me think, really think. thanks

Anonymous said...

a brunette can't have flaxen hair. am i wrong?