Monday, November 03, 2008


I was thinking about when I started this blog, a little over three years ago, and some of the thinking that was going on in my life. I was starting a new job, a new relationship, another chapter of my life. I felt like there were many opportunities on the horizon, doors to be open, optimism, etc.

And over the last three years, many of those elements that I wrote about in the beginning have changed, but I seem to be in a very similar emotional space that I was then. Happy, optimistic and feeling like there are opportunities around me...

It's funny how cyclical life is. We are born, we die. The economy is horrific and then, booming. We feel desperate, then jubilant. We are all part of many different life cycles. We create them. We live within them.

I find that the most important lesson from these cycles is that we need to remember that nothing stays the same. It if did, how would we evolve? And in desperate times, if we remember that things will ultimately improve, it may just alleviate some of the stress.

Today, despite the status of my 401k, the world...etc, I feel some sense that life will continue to move in a different direction. And, I'm looking forward to it.


DimeSlime said...

Your concept of cycles is great because it concludes with what is basically the foundation of my third step, that is as long as we continue to do the next right thing things will get better. I still struggle to live one day at a time though, but that is what prayer is for.

shinyruby2 said...

THANKS for a timely post.. I'm struggling at the moment, I'm 60 days (yay!) and so am at the beginning of the journey and finding everything in new eyes and it's scary/tiring/crazy but I can also see glimpses of happiness coming through, and of course, lots of gratitude.

THANKS for a wonderful post which reminds me that it will get better : )

JubilantOne said...

When I was drinking, I thought that every feeling I had would last forever.

I've felt like that again lately... Like I will never feel good again. In sobriety, I know I don't have to feel that way.

SoberToo:) said...

I am not even a part of this site, I accidentally stumbled across your blog. I love it. :)I am 5 months sober and feeling many of the things you discuss.