Monday, November 17, 2008

Playing Cards.

I was thinking the other day about what it is in life that I can and cannot control and I found great similitudes between this notion and playing a game of cards.

In life, we will rarely ever be able to control certain elements that make up our daily existence; where we came from, our overall genetic make-up, etc. These elements are similar, when looking at life through a proverbial card game, to being dealt the hand at the beginning of the game. We don't know what the cards are, but we know that there is an overall algorithm and count to the hand being dealt. Great, little control over this.

We do, however, how extraordinary control over how we play the hand. Sometimes, in sobriety and in life, the cards are inevitably stacked against us. The dealer has the advantage (I can liken this to some larger, non-seen entity) and we are forced to look at the very hand in front of us. The winning and losing is less important as the fact that we have say in the way our lives are led. We choose to take risks or not. We choose to fold the hand or persevere until all options are exhausted.

I've never been a gambler (I still don't know how I missed that addiction), but I do know that we can't blame the dealer, the deal or the cards in front of us. We need to recognize that it's our game to play. Our life to live. And our choice to make the decisions that will lead us to most optimal playing experience.


Al said...

I understand, and appreciate, what you're trying to say but I'm not sure why you think the cards are stacked and the dealer has the advantage. Unless you think the dealer's cheating.

c said...

Very interesting way to look at it...can't believe I missed this until now! I grew up playing cards with my grandmother...probably the some of the best memories of my childhood. I have recently hit a point in my recovery where I am deciding to really let and stop trying to control outcomes and this post relly hit me and made that decision even more clear.