Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Quote of the week.

Listen to the silence in between the sounds. And you will greatly improve your understanding of all that you hear.

Experience the stillness in between your thoughts. And your thoughts will have greater power, greater meaning, greater purpose.

Give just as much care and attention to the relaxation between the efforts as you do to the actual efforts. And those efforts will become immensely more effective.

When life gets too far out of balance, it cannot continue on that same path for very long. When the noise, the frenzy and the striving seem overwhelming, direct your focus to the silence, the stillness, the time for relaxation.

Give your awareness not only to the things that demand it. Give your awareness also to the quiet, peaceful stillness from which those things arise.

In between the sounds, in between the thoughts, in between the efforts, the sights, the complexities and the activities, there is much treasure to be found. In between the demands of the outer world, is the inner substance to keep you going.

-- Ralph Marston (www.dailymotivator.com)

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Grace said...

Very inspiring. I bought the book 'Voice of Knowledge' after reading your Four Agreements post. I am getting a lot out of it, thanks!